Account Based Marketing And Its Impact In Lead Generation

Every company that knows the importance of having a substantial online presence and the success that comes with leveraging the internet grapples with the all-important task of generating high-quality leads. Business can achieve this through different outbound and inbound marketing strategies. Still focusing on the subject matter - generating high-quality leads - here is one effective outbound marketing approach that yields excellent results. It is Account Based Marketing (ABM).

What Is Account Based Marketing?

The strategy relies on having an "ideal customer" base and then targeting their respective businesses or accounts. It is a useful method that allows you to direct your focus and efforts on engaging prospects that you deem as potential customers. It employs outbound personalised communication channels that generate quality leads. The communication channels include sales calls, emails, social media outreach and programmatic and retargeted adverts.


Couple your ABM strategy with a robust sales and marketing team and you are setting up your lead generation campaign for success. Bring in marketing automation software, and things get even better. The software makes it easy to track the ABM strategies that are yielding the best ROI.

How Does ABM Generate Leads?

It works by allowing you to leverage various channels to generate quality leads and this is possible through the following:

Email Marketing

The use of emails is a staple of any account based marketing campaign. It presents an opportunity to reach out to all prospect, the warm and the cold with informative and educative content that aid in decision making and it nurtures and building relationships.

Paid Advertising

It is all about the delivery of customised content to a specific audience at the right time. It mostly will fall in line with the use of social media to deliver your company's message and ads.

Direct Mail

The option of using direct mail aims at persuading customers to purchase. It works more effectively by offering discounts, free trials, or coupons with the aim of attracting new clientele.

Sales Outreach

Sales calls may be viewed as a 'cold,  technique but it works. It requires the sales team reaching out to potential customers via their accounts and businesses to schedule appointments.


When trying to establish a relationship with potential customers or clients, think of it a board game; one that you have around 16 moves to bag a win. That is how many touches you get before you can focus on the next phase of the process. The reason for the somewhat slow pace is the more than 5000 marketing ads and messages bombarding Americans every day. That means that your account-based outreach efforts will take some time before they gain significant ground that allows them to be cut above the rest.

How Does ABM Grow Your Pipeline?

Account Based Marketing places your business' message in front of influential decision makers that can be an ideal clientele or customer base. If and when done right, the outbound campaign will result in the establishment of a solid rapport with the prospective decision makers since they view your company as a trusted entity in its industry.


Running the campaign will require the use of software and this means the need for automation, which scales things up bringing your efforts to a more personalised level. Above all, maintaining consistency in the messaging is vital to break through the 'buzz' the competition makes to emerge on top and noticeable.

What Factors Affect ABM?

Every account-based marketing campaign will be subject to the following five factors:

  • Marketing Variations - Which are marketing techniques and messages employed to make the business appealing to different audiences or markets.
  • Accessibility - Market penetration will differ because some markets are hard to reach than others and may require a different communication channel and approach.
  • Innovations - People will have their reservations about new products and services; they will want more explanation or information before they decide to buy.
  • Competition - If you are in business, then competition comes with the territory, and the game is never easy thus the need for robust campaigns that edge out the competitors.
  • Budget - Marketing requires money, the much you can allocate for it determines the strategies to be used for the ABM campaign.

Knowing how to leverage ABM and other outbound strategies is a sure way of ensuring your company stays ahead of the rest, and the business' messages and adverts are generating high-quality leads. Using ABM can help grow a meaningful list of prospects while also funnelling leads to the sales team that they can convert into business. If you are looking into ways of employing outbound marketing techniques that give the best returns on investment, then consider using account-based marketing, and a lead generation agency.